How To Introduce Sex Toys In Your Sex Life
Many different studies have shown that sex toys can improve your sex life by a great extent. However there are still many people who either consider them taboo or they are too shy to talk about these things with their partners. These days you can find sex toys for both men and women and any one in the couple can try to introduce sex toys in the sex life. However it is easier said than done. Even if you live in a place where sex toys aren’t considered taboo, trying to get your partner to introduce sex toys in a relationship can be a bit tricky.
Following tips can help make it easy for you to introduce sex toys in your sex life.
Don’t Push It
The first thing to keep in mind before you start discussing sex toys with your partner is to know that they might not be at the same level of comfort in using sex toys as you. So never push them to accept it. If they don’t accept the first time, give it a few weeks and try again when you feel your partner has become more accepting of sex toys.
Wait For The Right Time
Another important thing is to wait for the right time. If you ask your partner about sex toys in the first few dates then it might make them rethink their decision of dating you. This isn’t because using sex toys is something wrong but just that some people aren’t still clear about the benefits these toys bring to the table (or the bed in this case).
Let Your Partner Know Its Good
When you discuss the matter with your partner, make sure to let them know that it is good to use sex toys. Talk about the health benefits and how it can make your relationship better. Ask them to give it a chance. Sometimes it’s the shyness on your partner’s behalf that doesn’t let them accept sex toys but once you show them how comfortable you are, they will also start feeling good about using them.
Do Some Research And Shop Together
There are hundreds of different types of sex toys out there. Once you and your partner are on the same page, do your research and get a sex toy that would work for both of you. Don’t make your partner feel left out. Use a toy that can involve both people in the couple. It is ideal to shop for the sex toys together so that you can both discuss how a certain toy will bring value to your relationship before you purchase it.
Let Your Partner Try It Alone
If you partner is shy about using sex toys, get them a toy, they can use alone. Give them some free time. After they use it for a few days or weeks, they will definitely become more comfortable with using them with you as well.
Following these tips can help in making it easy for you to convince your partner and introduce sex toys in your relationship. It will surely take your sexual experience to a new level.

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