Say. Something. Sexy…

Hi again, ( Good.) you came.

 So, here we are  (S.S.S) Or , 

Say. Something. Sexy.

(If you’d prefer it the long way. )

This is our go to page when it comes to sex..  You might find your self oneday sitting on the train one day and your feeling rather (Hot ) and you think to yourself “hey, I wonder if F.T.B has something on confidence.” Then you start touching your phone in specific ways and, Viola , article on Confidence. (Easy.)  Now, you’re feeling confident and, look like a delectable treat for people to enjoy. 

(Sounds fun, right?)

We also post video’s of our crazy adventure and, some helpful videos too that we feel are good for a healthy sexual life  Like the video down below Power Of Seduction  by Chenlizra a  Ted X speaker

She has an interesting way of seducing people and, she’s right.

Take a peek

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